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Since 2013, Run the Wild has been delivering incredible trail running adventures. Trail running is freedom of body and mind. It’s also for ALL, regardless of ability or background. Nothing compares to running along mountain paths and leaving behind your busy life. Start YOUR amazing journey with Run the Wild!

Run the Wild was founded by Simon James, following years of his own running and mountaineering adventures. He wanted to share the opportunity of exploring wild places for runners, so he set up the first dedicated trail running holiday company.

Our purpose is to help you experience incredible trails in the wild. Free of the usual race and logistical burdens, you will love exploring new places. Part of that experience is meeting other runners and experiencing the adventure together. Our expert guides bring the wild to life revealing it’s hidden ecology and local history. Technical instruction and support from our team empowers you. This is so you can achieve your ultimate running goals!

Running into the unknown. The path flowing beneath your feet. Snow capped mountains glinting in the sun and clouds melting away in the valleys far below. Set your heart and mind free. Exploring places… not running races. This is what it feels like to Run the Wild!


EXPLORE, LEARN, RUN! Run the Wild is the dedicated trail running specialist. Our events are all about you enjoying running and exploring the wild.  We operate in beautiful areas of the UK and Europe. Whatever your ability or experience, we have an event for you.

Our running adventures are point to point or a loop so you never have to back track down a path. This maximises the scenery and experience. They vary from 6km events to multi day routes in the Alps. 

We match your ability with other runners to form a small team, led by one of our amazing Run Leaders. We take care of the navigating, checkpoints, bag transfers and any accommodation needs. This is so you can run with a light pack and enjoy the run. Without the worries of a race or the hassles of being self supported. You can take your running experience to a higher level!

Don’t forget to check out the bespoke options. We can arrange all our listed trips for private groups or individuals, so you can get the adventure you want.


We are passionate about running adventures, in fact it’s the only thing we do! By taking part in a Run the Wild event you become part of the Run the Wild community. 

  • There are no hidden costs and we include everything you’ll need during an event or holiday.
  • We are outdoor running professionals, tour guide, running coach and guide.
  • All events have safety as a priority, support team on hand.
  • Our refreshment stops are the best! We use nice hotels wherever we can.
  • We emphasise inclusivity, team, the environment and fun!
  • We ability match our groups and they are no bigger than 12 per guide.
  • It’s good to celebrate achievements, like running the Tour du Mont Blanc with a glass of champagne! We include the champagne!
  • We host refreshment stops on our Alps trips, no one else does. They include cheese and wine tasting on Running & Yoga and Intro to Alps trips!
  • We do it because we love it!

Friendships, inclusivity and the wild are a huge part of our events and set us apart from the world of racing.

“Exploring places… not running races.”


Our logo encapsulates what we are all about. 

The mountain goat is a strong symbol of trail and mountain prowess. Watching them run on steep mountainsides at speed and without falling is breathtaking. They are only found in the wild and all mountain goats can run, whatever their background! If you are lucky you may see an Ibex or Chamois on one of our trips in the Alps! 

The logo also shows our affinity and respect for the environment that we operate in. At our events we teach runners about the local environment. Only through understanding can we cherish and respect our wild.

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