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Trail running is one of the best ways of exploring wild places. It provides amazing freedom and also is a great way to exercise. There are many health benefits considered to be contributable to trail running vs road running but there are also more hazards and variables to be considered. Please follow this link to the British Mountaineering Council’s website on the main considerations. BMC Trail Running Guide – Problems and Hazards


It’s really important you get suitable and adequate insurance to take part in Run the Wild holidays. For European Running Adventures you are required to take out cover, which most activity insurance companies will provide, this needs to include emergency evacuation and medical care. For UK Running Adventures, insurance is not essential but it is recommended. Sportscoverdirect is a relatively inexpensive insurer and provide cover for all of our trips. For European cover they offer a complete travel insurance or if you already have your own travel insurance you can just purchase an activity top-up insurance (which complements existing travel insurance). If you would like to obtain insurance for one of our UK trips, then a sports accident policy is ideal. For our European running adventures, you will need to select “Mountain Running”, this will cover you for up to 25 miles distance each day and also a maximum altitude at any point during your trip of 4,500m, although none of our trips go much over 3,000m. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate and valid insurance for the trip.


Run the Wild Limited accepts bookings directly from persons aged 16 years or over, for under 18 years old, participants must have obtained parental/ guardian consent to participate. Our events allow all ages to enter but for those under 16 years, they need to be running with a legal guardian and of course be able to complete the event distance. If you have any questions, please get in touch.


We love dogs! We also love running with them! On most of our trips you can bring your 4-legged friend (send us an email to double check and also please inform us if you intend to run with your dog as we need to know in advance). We ask that all dogs are run in canicross equipment only, and are kept on lead at all times. We will not accept dogs being run with a lead attached to their collar (if you have any questions on this, please drop us an email and our resident canicrossers can suggest equipment providers, and even places to try out kit). Dogs also need to be people-friendly and dog-friendly.

There are a few other things that you need to consider too: 

  • If the weather is too hot, you will not be able to run with your dog
  • You need to be able to lift them over styles and other obstacles!
  • Be aware that some people are afraid or allergic to dogs so please be sensitive to this
  • It also may mean you run quicker than you would normally so be aware there maybe points where you need to wait for the group
  • You need to ensure you have enough water and food for your dog for the duration of the run


Many people who run have partners as well as children! We will endeavour to cater for people who want to involve their family in the adventure. On most of our trips you can bring your family along to stay with you in the accommodation and this is particularly relevant on the Intro to the Alps where you will have free time in the afternoon so that you can spend time with the important people in your life who support you in these amazing adventures. If you have any further questions, please get in touch!


We take a deposit of 30% of the total trip cost or a minimum of £100 (whichever is greater). This deposit is non-refundable, unless we have to cancel the trip, in which case you will be entitled to receive a refund or make an alternative booking (please see Terms & Conditions). The balance will be due 42 days (6 weeks) prior to the holiday start date.


Your funds made available to Run the Wild Limited through your booking are protected by a trust account which is in accordance with the European Union Package Travel Regulations of 1992. All trip payments are placed into this account and will remain until the trip is complete. In the event of financial failure before your departure, all monies paid, excluding insurance premiums, will be refunded to you (please see Terms & Conditions).


Breakfast, packed lunches and evening meals are only included as described in the itinerary relevant to your trip. Sometimes we will also set up a refreshment stop where possible, this will also be in your itinerary if planned. For every trip you will be expected to carry with you enough snacks and water to keep you going between any planned refreshment points. Please do let us know if you have any dietary requirements, we can cater for vegans and vegetarians on all our trips.


Hotel rooms and other accommodation is provided on a twin room sharing basis, and on some of the multi day routes in dormitory style accommodation. Please let us know if you would prefer a single room, and where possible we will arrange this, at an additional supplement.


Ensure you have a passport with at least 6 months left before expiry before you travel.


Run Leaders in the Alps are International Mountain Leaders and in the UK are qualified England Athletic Coaches or Fitness Leaders. They are familiar with the route and the terrain. They are there primarily to route find for you and will do all they can to make the trip as safe and enjoyable as possible. They will make decisions that help minimise the risks to the team. Please listen to their instructions. Whilst we will give you every opportunity to complete the planned itinerary, weather, natural risks and other unforeseen circumstances may mean the route or itinerary has to be changed. Run Leaders will also be in regular communication with the adventure coordinator and logistic teams who will make joint decisions over emergency situations and changes to the route. Whilst every support will be provided by your leader and the support crew, you are responsible for your own safety. You will be part of the team and expected to remain part of that team, contributing and ensuring the success of the team in achieving its goal.