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Run The Wild Kit Reviews

Choosing the right kit is essential in trail running, especially when running in remote and demanding areas such as the Alps. Therefore, we have added the following kit reviews in order to help provide some guidance on what to choose or indeed what qualities to look out for when investing in your own equipment. All the kit reviews are carried out by the Run the Wild Team, who are experienced trail runners. They are conducted in demanding conditions and are intended to be as an honest a review as possible. We hope you find them interesting and a useful guide to helping you choose the right product for you. Remember everyone is different and therefore what someone loves, another person may hate! These reviews are purely information to be considered when purchasing equipment and is not a substitute for professional and personal guidance

Grivel Ran Microspikes

Grivel Ran Microspikes

I count myself as extremely fortunate to consider the French Alps as my home for much of the summer....

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Date posted: 29th January 2020