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Guide spotlight - Sophie Delderfield

***Guide Spotlight - Sophie***
Sophie is another locally born guide, who grew up on the trails around Tring. Now a Sports teacher at a local school, Sophie juggles her own training programme around her work and looking after her two young children. She can often be found out on the trails, pounding the pavements, or putting in a hard session on the track, still chasing goals and dreams. When not running, Sophie loves to pretend she can cook, trying out new ideas, and trying to master the classic - banana bread! She loves a bit of downtime watching Strictly, Bake Off and Home and Away! Whilst being very humble, Sophie is somewhat of a local Strava legend, and tops the leaderboard frequently!

~ What got you into running?
I used to run at school, and enjoyed both athletics and cross country. At university I joined the rowing team, but found my favourite session was when the lake was frozen, and we ran laps around it instead! When I began teaching, I joined the Vale of Aylesbury AC, whom I still train with. I have always run for the sheer enjoyment of it!

~ Who is your biggest motivator?
My brother is a huge inspiration to me, and a quick chat with him always boosts my motivation. I love being outdoors, and only regret the runs I have missed. I do love racing, and feel I have PB potential still!

~ Favourite distance?
Half Marathon

~ Favourite area to run the trails?
I feel so lucky where we live, with amazing trails on the doorstep, but if I am visiting the Lake District, I ALWAYS pack my running kit.

~ Favourite running snack?
I don't often eat while running, so at most a gel, but I love a good coffee and porridge before heading out.

~ Funniest Trail memory?
I would have to say my first and only mountain marathon, with my brother. We flew to Scotland without much clue what to expect, and ended up pitching our tent in the dark. The next morning we were the talk of the campsite, thanks to our flower power Cathy Kidson tent!

~ Favourite Training session?
I would have to say either a long steady run, where your mind can just switch off, and enjoy the scenery, or a lung busting track session where Ive really worked hard.

~ What do you enjoy most about being a RtW guide?
It is lovely to meet people from different walks of life, and at different points in their own running journey. Hearing comments from people who may have travelled to an event, about how they love the scenery and the trails, makes me see the area again with new eyes and appreciated how lucky I am to live here.

Guide spotlight - Sophie Delderfield