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***Guide Spotlight - Phil Robbins***

This week in Guide Spotlight we introduce to you Phil! Phil lives in Berkhamsted with his wife and 2 cats (yep....thats right, he doesnt have a dog, go figure?!?!) Bucking the trend, Phil comes from more of a road running background, with a particular passion for fast road marathons, currently looking to clip an impressive 60 minutes off his first ever marathon time. Phil is also the founder of 'Run It Because Its There' (RIBIT), organising themed social runs over challenging distances.

~What got you into running?
After finishing uni I wanted to keep in shape, and running is the cheapest and most accessible way of doing so.

~Who is your biggest motivator for running?
My Mum!! She completed the London Marathon in 1988 and inspired me to do the same. Since then its my own mind which has driven most of my exploits (google Berkhamsted Mankini at your own peril).

~Funniest memory from the trails?
Late on the long day of the Marathon Des Sables (~double marathon distance), I was marching with my tentmate in the darkness with a walking pole he had lent me. An Aussie tried to pass us, and in my delirium, I stuck a pole between his legs, leaving him sprawled out in the sand. I now know a few Australian expletives!

~Favourite Trail Snack?
Cheddar Ploughmans Sandwiches! I also find watermelon palatable on long races such as the South Downs Way 100.

~Most beneficial training session?
I love a tough tempo run on undulating roads. Hitting my targets on those sessions pays real dividends on race day.

~Road or Trail?
Am I allowed to say road? Ha ha, I love a fast flat marathon, and having a satisfyingly measurable way of improving a PB on a comparable course. Saying that, a 35mile self navigated run has to be on trail every time!

~ What are your next running challenges?
I feel I have another marathon PB in me, with sub 2hrs 50minutes giving me the elusive 1hr off my first ever marathon. I also have a dream to run to Istanbul one day!