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*** Guide Spotlight - Mark Hadaway ***

From this week we are launching our Guide Spotlight to give you some insight into the team behind Run the Wild. This week we introduce MARK HADAWAY!

Mark is a keen cyclist, swimmer and runner, and you guessed it...triathlete, completing his first Ironman in 2008 in sub 12hrs. Mark holds numerous sports coaching qualifications including diplomas in personal trainer, sports massage therapy and sports psychology. When not being superman for RtW, his Clark Kent persona sees him as a dad to two young kids - daily acting as a goalkeeper or a horse. The Hadaways share their home with a gorgeous Hungarian Vizsla and a snake! When not donning lycra, Mark is a Content Creator within the automotive industry.

~ What got you into running?
I used running for fitness training to play football initially (Mark was a semi-pro footballer)

~ Where is your favourite place to run?
I am happiest anywhere in the countryside and alongside the water. My fellow guides will testify I love being out at the crack of dawn when the trails are empty.

~Trails or Road?
Trails! The variation in gait, foot strike and stride length ensure less pressure on individual joints – reducing the chances of repetitive injuries often associated with ‘pounding the streets’. Research has shown nature based physical activity can lower anxiety and reduce stress while boosting mental well-being

~ Why do you like being a RTW guide?
The people I meet and the energy they bring is fantastic

~ What is your funniest trail story?
I was running along a woodland path and a deer jumped right over my head!

~ Favourite trail snacks?
I don't often run far enough to warrant food, but general natural foods suit me. Although a Jelly Baby under the tongue is a secret favourite when on a long run!

Come meet the man, the myth, the legend for yourself on our guided trail runs in the Chilterns!