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***Guide Spotlight - Lucy Hume***

This week in Guide Spotlight we introduce to you Lucy! Always out on the trails with her bear of a dog Logan trotting along behind, Lucy has been a fantastic addition to the RtW team. Lucy lives in Ivinghoe with her husband and 4yr old Logan. Lucy has been hitting the trails since 2010. Having completed several marathons, she is now making her way into the world of ultra distances.When not out running, Lucy works in events in the charitable sector and is a qualified Sports Massage Therapist.

~ What got you into running?

My husband! I still remember that feeling of running just slightly further than 5k on a treadmill for the first time and being so pleased with myself for not stopping! Now I’m getting into ultra distances and I still love that feeling of stepping into the unknown when a new distance is achieved!

~ Who is your biggest motivator for running?

I absolutely love the outdoors and have made some great friends (human and doggos) who share this passion so knowing that I’ve made a commitment to run with others makes it super easy to get out the door in the morning. I love the idea of pushing myself to really see what I’m capable of.

~ Funny moments from the trails?

Unfortunately for me, my dog Logan is very good at finding dead things, so there’s been a few moments which are funny now but insanely frustrating at the time, which have seen me (and a friend or two!) chasing him round the woods ninja-style trying to convince him to drop whatever animal bone he’s found!

~ Memorable trail races?

I was super lucky to go to New Zealand last February to visit my best friend. I took part in the Tarawera Ultra 50k whilst I was there, the scenery was so unbelievably stunning it took me ages to get round as I had to keep stopping for photographs!

~ What do you most enjoy about being a RtW guide?

Sharing my love for where we live and my passion for running with others. I particularly love our build up series when we have clients join us who haven’t run that distance before or who haven’t been trail running before; seeing how much fun they have and their confidence grow is just priceless and that sense of achievement we all have as a group over a coffee and a cake at the end is unbeatable!

~ Favourite trail snack?

Jelly babies!!!!! And giant mini cheddars. It’s a thing, honest. (Admin note: No Lucy, its not a thing, they are just called CHEDDARS)

~ Most beneficial sort of training session?

I actually do love an interval session because I know it’s doing me the world of good. I also like taking Logan with me for a hill rep session because he gets really confused as to why we’re just running up and down over and over and it sends him a bit loopy in a very cute way!