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***Guide Spotlight - Lottie***

This week in Guide Spotlight we introduce to you Lottie!
Lottie is a nearly 6yr old speed demon German Shorthaired Pointer, who lives at home with her servants Karin and Simon, and brother from another mother, Bailey. She excels at Canicross, squirrel hunting, and as one of the countries top Gun Dog trainers once said 'pot washing'.

~What got you into running?
Why would I ever go slow, when I can go quickly?

~What is your biggest motivator for running?
Mostly squirrels and rabbits, they are my favourite things to chase. I also love horse poops, so I have to sprint really quickly to wolf down as much as I can before my dad catches me.

~Funniest moment from the trails?
The time me and Bailey spotted a squirrel in front of one of the neighbour's trees. Bailey went left round it, so I went right, which meant that my dad hit the tree square on, about 2m away from the neighbours living room window. Oops.

~ What do you love most about being part of Run the Wild?
The food at checkpoints. All I do is sit there when the clients are eating, and if i cock my head to one side its like pressing an automatic treat dispenser button. Works every time!

~Favourite trails?
I love running uphill, and I love running downhill. I love running through grassy meadows, and through forests. I love running at the beach, and I love running in the fields. I dont do cows, rain, or the sea.