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***Guide Spotlight - Karin Voller***

This week in Guide Spotlight we introduce to you Karin! Karin is head of logistics and a UK Guide. She is the sanity (?!) that sits besides Simon's madness, and holder of the reins...well ok its more usually the leads of Bailey and Lottie! Karin grew up in Berkhamsted, and now lives in Tring with Simon and the pups.

~What got you into trail running?
Weirdly I dont feel I have a catalyst for starting to run, I've literally run on the trails for as long as I can remember. I am a real trail junkie, and have run nearly all my road marathons in trail shoes.

~Biggest Motivator for running?
My dogs and my friends for sure, and usually both at the same time. Im so lucky to have such awesome running friends and their 4-legged companions living nearby. I have to probably also say cake, im definitely someone who uses running as an excuse to indulge in my other favourite pasttime - food!

~ Favourite Distance to Run?
Amazingly my first ever marathon when i was 18 gave me a 3hrs 25min PB, which stood for 20years, and only very recently got broken! After attempting to break it for a few years, I finally gave up, and decided it might be easier to run further, not faster. I love an ultra in the 30-50mile bracket. Nearly all my training is 5-10miles though!

~Favourite trail snack?
Tuna sandwiches!!On a long run I find the tuna keeps the sandwich moist enough to eat without needing 1ltr of water to wash it down. After that, its salt and vinegar crisps.

~Funniest Memory on the trail?
I once did a sunrise run from Chamonix back to our French base one valley over. I cornered a track fairly high up on the hill, and came face to....well hmmm, with a completely starkers (apart from flip flops) chap, taking his dog for its morning ablutions. It was pretty remote (he must have been staying in a chalet up there) and he was super embarrassed. He tried to hide off the path initially, but quickly realised flip flips are not exactly off track mountain fairing shoes!