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***Guide Spotlight - Chris***

Chris is a keen runner and canicrosser. For those that arent aware of the sport, canicross is running with your dog attached to a waist belt, via bungee lead connecting to the dog's harness. Originating in Europe as off-season training for the mushing community, the sport has grown rapidly, and our local group, the Ashridge Canicrossers is one of the country's largest and most active clubs.

Chris started canicross in 2013 and has competed across the region resulting in many achievements and podium finishes. Another local born and bred, Chris lives close to the beautiful trails with his wife and daughter.  When he gets timeout from work and family life he can be found running with his Hungarian Vizsla - Monty

~ What got you into running?

I hated running at school, cross country was my worse nightmare.  But in 2013 I tried Canicross having read about it in a magazine and fell in love with the sport. 

~ Who or what is your biggest motivator for running?

Monty my Vizsla running buddy And of course the RTW crew.

~ Favourite memory from the trails?

Completing my first ever half marathon with my old dog Hudson at Coastal Trail Series Suffolk in 2014.  I was so proud of him!!

~ What do you most enjoy about being a RtW guide?

Giving people those little tips and tricks for improving their running.

~ Favourite trail snack?

Easy - Jelly babies!!!!

~ What do you find the most beneficial sort of training session?

Tring parkrun - it’s savage! Short enough that you have to push hard, and hilly enough within the first 1km to feel the lactic burn!

~ Favourite distance to run and why?

10k - I’m very comfortable with this distance and I can get out and back without having the wife wondering where I am!