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***Guide Spotlight - Bailey****

6yr old Solid Black German Shorthaired Pointer, Bailey, is a keen swimmer and runner. When not 'helping' with RtW Bailey mostly fills his day with sleeping, eating, playing and growling at the neighbour's dog through the fence.

~What got you into running?

I saw a squirrel once and thought if I went really quick I could catch it. I didn't, but I'm sure in the future I will. Also my mum takes me to this thing called canicross, where I wear a fancy harness and pull her along. I race all the other dogs, and that's my favourite thing.

~Where is your favourite place to run?

The woods, all those squirrels, that's my favourite!! Also, the beach as I love swimming and chasing seagulls, that's my favourite too! When we are in the Alps I can run in the snow and it's amazing, it's my favourite thing.

~Favourite trail snack?

Thats a hard one! I love cheese, it's my favourite thing. I also love sausages, they are my favourite thing. Now I think about it though, fresh cowpats are probably my favourite.

~What is your funniest trail story?

That time I saw a muck spreader before my mum and dad did. I saw it, looked back to check if they had spotted it, and just when they realised, I made a break for it. I dropped my shoulder and skidded down about 50m making sure I had a good even covering from my nose to my tail and both sides. My mum had to use teeny tiny toilet roll sheets from the public toilet, but I'll be honest, it didn't work and I smelt amazing for days and days. That was my favourite thing.