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***Guide Spotlight - Andy Collings***

This week in Guide Spotlight we introduce to you Andy Collings! Andy lives in Tring with his ever suffering wife, and crazy (no really...) dog Oscar. Andy recently retired from the force, but rather than settling into a more sedate life he has undertaken an undergraduate degree in Sport, Fitness and Coaching, as well as working towards becoming a Personal Trainer.

~What got you into running?
I kind of fell into running in my early teens for fitness, when myself and a few friends decided we wanted to join the Royal Marines. I ended up joining the Police, but continued my running.

~What is your biggest motivator for running?
My motivation used to be to negate the impact of a hedonistic lifestyle. Since retirement I live a more sober life, yet still get the same buzz from running. And I have more to spend on race entries now!

~ Favourite moment from the trails?
I love arriving somewhere new with big hills and mountains. My heart starts to race, and I cant wait to get out on the trails!

~ What do you enjoy most about being a Run the Wild guide?
I love meeting new people and making new friends. Seeing others get that thrill from running that I myself feel is a special feeling.

~ Favourite trail snack?
Since being introduced to them by Run the Wild, I love a chocolate crepe! I also love cheese, another staple on the Run the Wild checkpoint table!

~Most beneficial training session?
As a running coach, I always talk about running slowly to build up a base. Most runners do all their runs too fast (and at the same pace). 80-90% of training runs should be at easy, conversational pace. This base is like the foundations of a house, without it, the house wont last long.

~Most scenic place to run?
Although I've run in amazing places like Nepal, and New Zealand, it is the Lake District that holds a special place in my heart. The beauty combined with the history of fell running, gets me every time.

~Running challenges on the horizon?
Im still hoping this year i can have a go at the Bob Graham round, 66ish miles, covering 42 Lake District peaks in under 24hours!